Do you know what is as important as reading and writing but many children are missing out on?

You may have heard me mention Fundamental Movement Skills several times before, but do you know what they are and why they are so important that EVERY game and activity in our sessions are based on these skills? We want our children to be happy, healthy and confident, now and in their future but unless they are active this may [...]

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What have Leapfrog Sports and Brazil got in common?!?

Did you guess? We both wear a yellow kit of course! But why is wearing a team kit so important and something we want to encourage when you come to our classes? There are the more obvious reasons – Identity, the most fundamental feature so you can distinguish between competing teams and players during a game. Unity – to feel part [...]

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What I realised from one sentence in a message…

Recently, I received a message via Facebook and one sentence jumped out to me: I can’t see much information on your page. This got me thinking and so I had a look at my facebook page and I think we could do much better. There are posts about sport, things happening in classes, awards we have been nominated for or won, funny pictures [...]

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A BIG change!

If you read January’s newsletter (and if not, why not?!? – see below why you should be subscribed and how to sign up) You will know that I’d been thinking for a while about how well the free trials that we offer work. Since we began we have offered a free trial for everyone, so they can come along, see [...]

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Did you know how important you are?…

This week is Parents in Sport week which is a week to focus on the role of a parent in helping their children reach their potential in sport. (When I talk about parents, I am referring to any parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, grandad, nana etc who brings a child to one of our sessions!) From our perspective, it is a chance to [...]

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60 minutes EVERY DAY!

Now, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but Leapfrog Sports recently won an award.. best for getting active (we also came runners up in the Best for Toddlers too!) I am very proud of this award because we really believe in the importance of getting children active, for both their physical and mental well-being. But do you know how much [...]

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Don’t just take my word for it…

I LOVE our classes, I really do. In fact the whole way they are designed is because I am a parent with active children and I couldn’t find any other sessions like these and I was sure that other children and parents would love our classes too. Last week I released our brand new video and some pictures I had [...]

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Here are the video and photos!!

A few weeks ago we had a very special Leapfrog Sports party afternoon, where we invited some of our Leapfroggers and their parents along and had an afternoon of fun, getting active playing games and sports with loads of the equipment. Sounds great, but why am I telling you this?? Because while we were there we took the opportunity to [...]

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You’ll never guess what?! We’ve only gone and won!!!

I am so proud and happy to announce that we are the WINNERS in the Hoop Awards 2018 category ‘Best for getting Active – Birmingham’!! and to make it even better we were runners up in the ‘Best for Toddlers – Birmingham’ category! Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to vote for us, the whole Leapfrog [...]

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