I LOVE our classes, I really do. In fact the whole way they are designed is because I am a parent with active children and I couldn’t find any other sessions like these and I was sure that other children and parents would love our classes too.

Last week I released our brand new video and some pictures I had had taken at our special event (you can see this on my previous blog and Facebook page if you missed it!).

While we were there I asked some of our parents what they thought of the Leapfrog sessions and why they brought their children along. I was overwhelmed at how many parents offered to record testimonials for us and the amazing things they said and so here is the first of our testimonial videos – Leapfrog Sports Facebook Page

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that this is all their own thoughts and I didn’t prompt them at all! It is fantastic to see that I was right and our classes truly are loved by our parents and children!

I’d love to hear your thoughts of the sessions too!!

Have a great week