A few weeks ago we had a very special Leapfrog Sports party afternoon, where we invited some of our Leapfroggers and their parents along and had an afternoon of fun, getting active playing games and sports with loads of the equipment.

Sounds great, but why am I telling you this?? Because while we were there we took the opportunity to record a video and took some fantastic pictures of all the children and the team, having a fabulous time!

Here is a sneak preview of one of the pictures of the team:

Head over to our Facebook page now to check out our video and my favourite photos – it was so hard choosing, there will be more to come.
Leapfrog Sports Facebook Page

I also just wanted to share this with you the first picture is from when she first began and the second is now – she is still loving Leapfrog after all these years!!

While we were recording, several of our Leapfrog parents also told us what they thought about the sessions – so look out for this video next week!!

I’d love to hear your comments!

Have a great week


PS. The photos were taken by Kobi and you can find him on instagram @kobizphotography or email: info@kobizphotography.com