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Do you have loads of energy and love working with kids? Have a passion and interest in a variety of sports? Then Leapfrog Sports could be perfect for you! Leapfrog Sports runs fun multi-sports classes in South Birmingham and is looking for friendly Lead Multi-Sports Coaches and Assistant Coaches to run sessions for children aged 2-7 years old. We have [...]

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FRANCHISEE CASE STUDY – Jenny, Sutton Coldfield & Lichfield

Name: Jennifer Medlicott Franchise: Leapfrog Sports Territory: Sutton Coldfield & Lichfield Started in Sept 2022   WHAT WAS YOUR JOURNEY TO FRANCHISING? I was working part time as a PE teacher in a secondary school and had 2 of my own young children under 5. I had started to look into it to run alongside teaching however there were then [...]

2022-03-31T16:41:51+00:0031 March 2022|Blog|

All about Discovery Days – what are they and what happens??

What is a Discovery Day? One of the stages you go through when buying your own Leapfrog Sports franchise to run in your area (you can read more about the stages here), is to come along for a Discovery Day. A Discovery Day is a chance for you to see the Leapfrog Sports classes in action, meet me and some [...]

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What are the stages to starting your own Leapfrog Sports business?

Do you know what the process is to own your own Leapfrog Sports business and the stages we go through? In this blog, you can find out exactly what happens and when. Stage 1 > You learn about Leapfrog Sports and head to our website page about franchises where you can read more, get your first introduction to me and [...]

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Have you thought about changing your career?

I had a phone call from someone who is interested in their own Leapfrog Sports business franchise last week. ‘Being on lockdown and working from home has really changed my perspective’ he said and went on to explain that they had loved being around more to see their children and not have to face the dreaded commute. I knew exactly [...]

2021-05-19T16:21:42+00:0019 May 2021|Blog|

A day in the life of a Leapfrog Sports franchise business owner!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for yourself running your own business? Perhaps you have thought about starting your own Leapfrog Sports children's sports coaching business in your area and are interested to understand more about what it involves? Maybe you have thought that it looks like great fun but wondered what actually happens and [...]

2021-04-23T14:06:03+00:0023 April 2021|Blog|

Top tips for finding the right sports coach

It’s hard to find the right sports coach. You hear the stories in the press about the terrible things that have happened to children in the past or you’ve booked classes and they haven’t turned up or perhaps each week a different coach comes along – they don’t know the children, what they are like and how to get the [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Become a Franchisee

Are you are looking for a better life, where you can work fewer hours for more money? Or the freedom and flexibility to work around your family so you can be there for them more? Maybe Covid has changed your perspective on work, you enjoy working from home or you have sadly lost your job and are looking for a [...]

2021-02-25T17:10:52+00:0025 February 2021|News|

How to help children’s mental health with physical activity

This week is children’s mental health week which aims to highlight the importance of mental health among children and young people. The theme of this year (2023) is 'Let's Connect' to encourage people to connect with others in healthy, rewarding, and meaningful ways. Following the pandemic when children were unable to attend school, clubs or see friends to play with, [...]

2023-02-03T14:56:55+00:002 February 2021|News|

The Future of the Children’s Activities Sector – Multi-Sports

Sport is amazing. There is nothing else quite like it as brings whole nations together, lifts people up in times of crisis and improves physical and mental wellbeing. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has only highlighted the importance of being active as the country only left their houses for daily exercise – this was the highlight of the day. It also [...]

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