Recently, I received a message via Facebook and one sentence jumped out to me: I can’t see much information on your page.

This got me thinking and so I had a look at my facebook page and I think we could do much better. There are posts about sport, things happening in classes, awards we have been nominated for or won, funny pictures or videos but do you actually know what we do without going to our website?

So this month is all about ‘Getting to know us better!’ Where we will be focusing on all things Leapfrog!

So make sure you like our facebook page and check it out daily where I will be updating you with information and facts but for now here are the top 10 things you should know about Leapfrog!

1. We began because of my son
He has endless energy and so I was looking for a class for him to burn this off the only sport I could find was football. I knew that at 2 years of age he was too young to focus on just one sport and he and I would get bored of doing the same thing each week.
I couldn’t believe that there weren’t more sports classes around – there are so many fantastic sports other than football and a bit of rugby – and thought that if I wanted it, surely other parents did too. I was so convinced in this idea that I just couldn’t forget it and so while I was off on maternity leave with my second son (yep, full of energy too!) the business was born and the reason we are here today.

2. We cover a different sport each week
Each time you come to class there will be a different sport. We cover 11 core sports eg football, rugby, tennis, athletics and more and we also often add in special guest sports eg American football, Badminton etc. There is masses of variety and over the course of a year you will tend to cover the same sport around 3 times, each time building on the skills. It is also not advised to specialise in one sport at a young age.

3. We are award winning
Don’t just take our word for it, we have won 2 awards – Hoop 2018 Best for Getting Active and runner up in Best for Toddlers. The LTG Lifestyle Awards 2019 – Best in Children’s Sport Classes.
We are also nominated again this year in the Hoop 2019 awards for Best for Getting Active – don’t forget to vote! (

4. We have a fantastic team
Our coaches, both the Lead and Assistant coaches, are excellent! They strive to make the classes fun, enjoyable and educational for both children and the parents. They are all qualified, hold safeguarding, coaching and first aid qualifications, Enhanced DBS checked and are great with children and love their work!

5. You can try out our classes before signing up
With our new 4-week trial classes for only £12! This is to ensure you get a chance to really see how fantastic our classes are before we ask you to commit to regular payments. Sign up here

6. We also have schools and nurseries programmes!
During the week, we aren’t sitting around with our feet up! We are running sessions in schools (KS1 up to Year 2) with our after or before school clubs or in nurseries. This means we get to take lots of different sport to hundreds of children each week and show them the fun of being active while developing fundamental skills. Please do get in touch if you think your school or nursery could benefit from our programmes.

7. Our classes aren’t just about sport
In the sessions, every game or activity we do, although to the children are just fun, will also be developing their fundamental skills of balance, agility and coordination which is vital for physical literacy and to go on to develop sports specific skills. Not only do we help with physical development but we also work on personal and social development too and can really build up confidence in a child.

8. We do birthday parties!
We run a fantastic birthday party – check out our reviews on our facebook page
You can choose up to 2 different sports, so you can tailor your party to your child’s interests and make it fun and different for their guests – ever been to a basketball party before?
Find out more about our parties here.

9. Our classes are on weekends
A children’s class at the weekend! Most are during the week and so can be restrictive to parents who work – but not us! So we have classes with dads, mums, grandparents, aunts, uncles – you name it, they attend, so you won’t feel left out as the only one there.

10. Our venues
Our classes are held at Alderbrook School, Lode Heath School and Kings Heath Boys School. They are lovely big spaces, easy to get to and have plenty of free parking.

I am extremely proud of Leapfrog Sports and so would love you to get to know us better and so keep your eye on our facebook page and get in touch if you have any questions!