I am sorry… but I just wanted to share this!

So firstly, my apologies! I know that last week I said that in this blog I would share some ways that you can get your children active and also the importance of children being active but we have had some fantastic news that I wanted to share... We have been nominated and are finalists in the Hoop 2018 Awards in [...]

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Is this the new norm?

I'm sure you have come across these adverts from Cancer Research while you have been out and about, and everyday I seem to hear more and more stats about how the population is getting bigger and that soon being obese will be the new norm. It is clearly a problem and a growing problem caused by an energy imbalance: taking [...]

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Option Three

Back in 2014, I launched my multi-sports classes to help children, to enjoy a variety of sports without the financial and logistical difficulties associated with multiple classes. Leapfrog Sports was born, and in the last three years, it’s gone from strength to strength – and now hundreds of children came along to the classes run by our qualified coaches. However... [...]

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Meet the team (Part 8) Ariana Grande and Mushrooms?!

Hi Everyone, As promised this week it is the turn of Lydia, who is one of our Assistant Coaches at Alderbrook school on Saturday morning. She has now been working with us for about 6 weeks and I thought it was time to get to know Lydia better with the help of our insightful questions! (I can tell I’m getting [...]

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Meet the Team (Part 7) – Peter Kay and Football?!

Hi everyone, As you may have seen the Leapfrog family is expanding and we have some new faces in our Saturday morning classes, but don’t worry the old faces are still there too (Sorry- Amanda, Kelly and Ankita!!) So I though it was time we got to know them better with our usual probing questions!! So this week it is [...]

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We are recruiting!

We are beginning new Saturday morning classes at Alderbrook School at the end of July and are looking to expand the team to find a new Lead Coach and a Class Assistant Coach. All the details can be seen below. Please get in touch for more information or to apply please forward your CV to jobs@leapfrogsports.co.uk and you it could [...]

2017-06-14T16:32:59+00:0014 June 2017|News|

A guest blog from one of our lovely parents!

We are very lucky to have had a fantastic blog written about us, talking about the sessions from a parents point of view, why not have a look? We'd love to hear your thoughts about the sessions... https://covellcapers.wordpress.com/2016/11/11/leapfrogs-solihull/

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So you don't miss us too much during the summer! Thursday 11th August at 10am and Friday 26th August at 1.30pm both at St Mary's Church Hall, Hobs Moat. Sessions will be 1 hour and will include warm ups, fun games and activities to work on core skills of balance, agility and co-ordination, free play with the equipment and a [...]

2016-07-06T11:57:08+00:006 July 2016|News|

Meet the Team (Part 6) – Gangnam Style and Albert Einstein?!

Welcome to our next ‘Meet the Team’ and this time it is the turn of Ankita, who is a fantastic member of our team from our Friday afternoon classes and Sunday morning Lode Heath sessions, to answer the questions… 1) What is your favourite sport? My favourite sports are Cricket and Athletics. 2) What makes you laugh the most? When [...]

2016-03-15T10:03:58+00:0015 March 2016|News|

It’s been a long time!

Hi Everyone I know it has been ages since I last wrote a blog but the time just seems to fly and before I know it, we are back to the next week! So Leapfrog is continuing to grow and we are beginning to work with more schools and nurseries, where we can help them achieve their OFSTED requirements. We [...]

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