Trial Classes

We believe the best way to show you how awesome our classes are is for you to try 4 weeks of consecutive sessions for only £15 in total per child!

How do I get the 4 weeks of trial sessions? What happens in a session? What do we need to bring?

These steps below explain everything you need to know…

To book the trial classes:

Click on the link in the class timetable to give us some details and let us know which date is best for you to begin – you can choose any date that is best for you and then make the payment.

You will then receive an email from us confirming the dates, time and place (this isn’t an automatic email, so don’t expect it immediately!)

At the trial:

Your son/daughter will need to wear something easy to run around in and remember to bring a drink with you as all the running around is thirsty work!

Arrive at the venue about 5 minutes before the start of the session. Near the entrance will be our friendly coaches, who will welcome you and your child and give them a name sticker to wear and show you where you can put your things (you can’t miss us – we wear bright yellow!).

There will be equipment out for your child to play with and please take this opportunity to ask some of the other parents how they enjoy the sessions, they are very friendly!

The session will last for 45 minutes where we will complete a warm up, play some fun games and activities to work on core skills and then focus on a sport, we cover a different sport each week and finish with a cool down.

We may ask you to get involved in some activities, and your child (depending on their age and confidence) may need your support at the beginning and we always have assistant coaches there to help out if you need it (eg hands full with a sibling, a disability etc)

Don’t worry if it takes a while for your child to join in, they may want to just watch to start. We find that they will soon get involved but if not, it doesn’t matter! Likewise, they probably won’t listen and follow everything – this takes a few weeks to get the routine and we promise we don’t mind – we are used to it! The main thing is that they have fun and enjoy themselves.

After the trial sessions:

When your 4 weeks of trial sessions are finished, there will be no pressure to join up there and then. You will receive an email a few days afterward with the link for how to sign up.

We’ll then see you in the class each week!

So all you need to do to start the ball rolling (excuse the pun!) is choose which session is best for your trial.

If you do have any questions that we haven’t covered then just get in touch >> Contact Us

See you there soon!!

Please go to our Class Information page to sign your child/children up for our introductory 4 week trial.