In our ‘Meet the Team’ series, this week we get to know David better. He has worked at both our Solihull and Wythall classes lending a hand when we have needed additional help. Here are his answers…

1) What is your favourite sport?

Football. I’ve been playing for nearly 30 years, most recently for Solihull Football Club where I am also the Chairman. I’m a big Leeds United fan.

2) What makes you laugh the most?

Seeing Manchester United lose and the comedian Tom Stade (especially the meat van stand-up routine!)

3) What is your favourite and your worst food?

Favourite- Fish and Chips. Worst- Baked Beans or Tuna.

4) What song would you sing at karaoke?

Moving On by Chris Helme of the Seahorses.

5) If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

Mind reading powers!

6) What do you like to do in your spare time?

Football – both playing and watching, and computer games.

7) What 3 people, living or dead, would you invite to dinner?

Lucas Radebe (LUFC legend), Winston Churchill and of course my lovely wife!

8) Tell us a bit about yourself…

I often help out with coaching at my football club and have also managed teams there in the past. This year I captained my side to win the league!

9) Why did you want to work for Leapfrog Sports and what do you enjoy the most about working for Leapfrog Sports?

To help my wife out with her business. What I enjoy the most is giving the children tips and guidance which then helps them to improve.

Thank you David, we appreciate your help!

Next week it is my turn!

See you in the classes