I had a phone call from someone who is interested in their own Leapfrog Sports business franchise last week. ‘Being on lockdown and working from home has really changed my perspective’ he said and went on to explain that they had loved being around more to see their children and not have to face the dreaded commute. I knew exactly what they meant. Team having fun in children's sports class

Several years ago, I worked in a senior role for a bank. I’d been there for 12 years, worked in loads of different roles, working in different areas of the UK – having to travel and basically giving my life over to them. My life revolved around work and fitting in with what the bank needed. Then I had children and what a shock! Work could no longer be my priority and I didn’t want it to be, it just didn’t have the same importance anymore.

I still enjoyed working and definitely didn’t want to give up but I needed something that was going to fit in around my family life and mean I didn’t have to choose between going to the assemblies and sports days or work.

Leapfrog Sports and all the freedom and flexibility that it brings, fitted perfectly. Starting my own business meant I got to work and love what I do – it’s much more fun and interesting than banking – the kids, the families we meet and help and are so appreciative of what we do, the coaches and the team I work with. I started running the business part time around my banking role and soon it had grown so I couldn’t do both and so I took the plunge and left to focus on Leapfrog Sports and I have never looked back.

This last year has really changed many people’s perspective on things, what is important to them and what they would love to do. Do you enjoy your current role or do you think there could be something more? Do you want more flexibility around your life and the chance to leave the 9-5 where you just live for the weekends? It isn’t too late to make a change and I would love to help every step of the way – just get in touch!