It has been a great start to the new term, the new Wythall classes have been a great success with nearly everyone signing straight up meaning we only have a handful of spaces left in the classes already (don’t worry though as we have room to add additional classes!) and Amanda and Dexter doing a great job with the Solihull classes. It has been great to welcome Dexter to the Leapfrog team and we are hoping to have another addition very soon!

It has also been great to be back and I have some exciting plans for the new term, firstly with the launch of our parties so check out our new website page… and let me know if you want more info. You can choose up to 3 different sports during the party and so it is unlikely any 2 parties will be the same and there should always be something to appeal to everyone that attends!

I am at the moment in the process of trying to make more spaces available on our Friday afternoon classes. They were originally the quietest class but over the last term they have gone crazy and we are now completely booked, it is difficult though as people don’t want a class too close to lunch but also need to be able to pick up children from school at 3 so I’m not sure what to do – any suggestions please send them my way!

Look forward to seeing you all in the classes this week, Hockey for Solihull and Rugby for Wythall!