Hi Everyone,

So what have we been up to at Leapfrog Sports? Firstly, we have a new class assistant – Kelly has joined the team and will be working in Wythall on Sunday mornings and you will also see her at St Mary’s during the week. It’s great to have her on board! I will be posing the same questions to her soon so you can learn more about her, so look out for that.

In other news, we are also going to be holding some special classes at a school in Solihull and also at a holiday club which is held over the summer. If anyone does know of anywhere that would like us to go along to hold a class, just let me know.

We are also going to be going along to some of the local carnivals, in Shirley and in Wythall to spread the word about us – so look out for us there as there are still loads of people that haven’t heard about us and we want to get better known.

Lastly, for the last class in the Summer term, we are looking at holding a special ‘End of Term Awards Party’ to celebrate everything that the children have achieved over the year and at the same time try to raise some money for a deserving charity – watch out for more details on this or if you have any links to sports clubs who may want to come along and ‘coach’ a small activity let us know.

That’s it for this week – we’ll see you in the classes!