So the holidays are nearly over, I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I can’t wait to get back to the classes and I hope you can’t either! This time of year is great for thinking about becoming more active and healthy and there is no better way than a fun introduction at a young age to instil a lifelong love of sport.

We are still getting lots of contacts asking for trial classes and Sundays are still proving extremely popular, while Thursday and Friday are steadily building. Don’t forget to take opportunity of our Refer a Friend offer and please let as many people know about us as you can.

We are currently thinking about our goals for the coming year for what we would like to achieve from Leapfrog Sports. To begin this we will be introducing a feedback page on our website (which can be completed anonymously) to find out what you really think, what you like or love and what you think we can improve on. We’d be so grateful if you could fill this out for us and will be sending the details out to everyone soon – so look out for it!

See you in class this week- I can’t wait!