Welcome to our next ‘Meet the Team’ and this time it is the turn of Ankita, who is a fantastic member of our team from our Friday afternoon classes and Sunday morning Lode Heath sessions, to answer the questions…

1) What is your favourite sport?

My favourite sports are Cricket and Athletics.

2) What makes you laugh the most?

When I watch Tom and Jerry and my daughter’s silly jokes.

3) What is your favourite and your worst food?

My favourite is pizza and fruit salad. Worst, I don’t know! As I like almost everything, as long it is veggie.

4) What song would you sing at karaoke?

I would sing Gangnam Style and Fast Food Rockers.

5) If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

If I were a superhero, I would want the power to help our planet. I want this power to stop global warming and make a brighter future for our children. The second power is to fly so I could reach anywhere in any time.

6) What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like listening to music and dance.

7) What 3 people, living or dead, would you invite to dinner?

David Cameron, Albert Einstein- as he was a maths genius so he can teach me some maths tricks, and Leonardo DiCaprio. I am die hard fan of him.

8) Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am Ankita a mother of two lovely children and I live in Solihull. I started my journey in a school as a office assistant. I worked almost 3 yrs in a infant school. I like working with children as their talks and smile make me feel happy and cherished. Recently I have finished an IT course from Solihull college. I like painting and dance. I am planning to take Drumming Classes, so soon you will see me playing my favourite instrument.

9) Why did you want to work for Leapfrog Sports and what do you enjoy the most about working for Leapfrog Sports?

Since childhood, I was interested in sports. So when this opportunity came, I thought this is what I enjoy the most, and where I could give my best. I really enjoy working with Leapfrog Sports. The way it has been designed, it helps to maintain children’s physical and mental balance, it improves their concentration level and memory and it helps children grow and succeed in their everyday lives and in the future. I am so thankful to Jo for giving me this opportunity and Amanda who has been very nice and supportive. I feel lucky to be part of Leapfrog Sports.

Next week we have some really exciting news that I will be sharing and something that I will need everyone’s help with!!

Have a great week,