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  • Each week on a Friday evening, you will receive a video of a session that you can do with your children, based around a particular sport for children aged 2-7 years old.

    The video will include a warm up, introduce and demonstrate lots of fun games and activities, to build fundamental movement skills and the skills for that week's sport, and give you time to pause to let you play for as long as your child is having fun, all equipment that you need can be found in the home and then we finish with a cool down.

    Plus, you will receive links to videos of the sport in action and a quiz or other activity that your child can complete, so they can really learn about the sport.

    Sound amazing? You can join straight away for just £12 per month for the whole family!!

    Payments are taken by direct debit and you there is no minimum subscription period. Your first payment will be pro-rata for the remaining weeks in the month.

    So all you need to do to start the ball rolling (excuse the pun!) is fill in the form below and complete the payment details.

    If you do have any questions that we haven't covered then just get in touch >> Contact Us

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