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Department of Health (2011)

Start Active Stay Active- Department of Health report in 2011 recommended that children under 5 years old need a minimum of three hours of active play each day and that active children are happy children. In recent years there has been considerable growth in research exploring the benefits of physical activity for children under 5.

Active play includes games such as chasing games and ball games and this is the best way for this group to be physically active.

The benefits are:

Improves cardiovascular health
Contributes to a healthy weight
Improves bone health
Supports the learning of social skills
Develops movement and co-ordination

Despite these benefits the majority of children are insufficiently active to meet the recommendations

During early years, children undergo rapid and wide-ranging physical and psychological developments that lay the foundation for future health and well- being.

Studies support the conclusion that regular physical activity during the early years provides immediate and long term benefits. The risk that childhood inactivity will lead to poor health later in life is very high.

It establishes a pattern of behaviour which may persist into later childhood and adulthood.

All under 5s should minimise the amount of time spent being sedentary (e.g. watching TV, reading, drawing) as there is emerging evidence that this behaviour in early years is associated with being overweight and obesity and patterns of sedentary behaviour are relatively stable so good patterns need to be established early.

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