Fun and Energetic Multi-Sports
Classes for Children


How do I book?
We encourage everyone to come along for a free trial session before joining the classes. To book your trial please complete the form here.
Following the trial if you wish to sign up to the classes please complete the form here and we will then be in touch with all the details.
How much does it cost?
We take our payments for the classes on a monthly basis via Direct Debit through GoCardless, which is covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.
For our Saturday classes the cost is £25.50 per month and run each Saturday throughout the year not just during term time.
For our Sunday classes the cost is £24.00 per month with no payment in August and the sessions run during term time only.
In addition, if you are unable to make your usual session, you are welcome to come along to one of the other classes running that week so you don’t miss out!
We also offer a 20% sibling discount for your second/third child’s class fees.
Can I join part way through a term?
Yes, as long as there is a space you can join at anytime and your child will not be at any disadvantage as the games and exercises are tailored to ability
How long are the classes?
The classes last for 45 minutes.
When do the classes run?
Please see the timetable for up to date class times and days. We will be adding more classes soon, so please let us know if you are interested but are unable to make these times and we will keep you informed of new classes that are beginning.
Can I bring a younger sibling to a class?
We have special classes for mixed age groups of children which may be suitable, you can see details on our timetable.
Other classes are designed for specific age groups and as they are very energetic may not always be suitable for younger children to take part, however siblings are welcome in slings/pushchairs/car seats and older children and family members are welcome to come and spectate!
What shall I wear and bring?
Children should wear comfortable clothes that allow for exercise and well fitting shoes/trainers for running. Bring a drink as children will get thirsty.
For parents/guardians, we recommend wearing anything that you can move around in easily.
Should I specialise in one sport rather than try different sports?
Sports Coach UK do not recommend specialising in one sport from a young age. Leapfrog Sports allows children to experience a wide range of sports to see what they enjoy which is more likely to lead to long term participation.
We also work on a variety of skills and have a focus on core skills of balance, co-ordination and agility, which are fundamental to all sports even if you decide to specialise in future. Click here for more information on this.
Is it competitive?
No, there is no competition, it is just for fun.
I’m not very fit, will I be ok to take part?
You will be an active part of the class which will involve walking, throwing/ catching etc but it is not intensive exercise. You don’t need to be fit, however you may also find a benefit from taking part in the class.
If you are unable to participate, please contact us as it does not mean your child cannot take part.
My child/ I have a disability can we still take part?
A disability is not a barrier to participation as the course can be adapted to meet specific needs. Please contact us to discuss this further.
Do you charge a membership, admin or joining fee?
No, you only pay for the classes. We don’t believe there is any justification for this charge.
How do I pay?
Payment is made monthly via direct debit using our payment partner GoCardless.

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